A typical swing set often has a swing belt type of swing, which is a swing with a soft plastic seat that bends according to whoever sits in it. This swing is then connected to the main bar of the swing set with two chains. But, especially if you’re creating a swing set with older and younger children in mind, some swings are better than others for certain children. Makers of swings and swing sets have several different types of swings available. The key to choosing which swing sets are best is often going by the set up instructions and ANSI guide, as some swings need more space than others. In addition public playgrounds have various types of swings available and choosing the right one for your child can mean whether or not he or she will stay in the seat and not fall off.

Aside from a swing belt is a board swing. This type of swing has the same style, only the part where the user sits is solid plastic. Although this type of swing isn’t as common on playgrounds, many older plastic swing sets have one of these swings. Both of these swing types are for older children and additional swing suitable for older children include disc swings. Disc swings have a rope tied to the main bar of the swing set and a disc at the bottom. The user can sit on this disc and move in a range of 360 degrees. If you would like a disc swing as part of your swing set, it should be set apart from other swings, as the user could crash into the standard swings while using a disc swing. For an additional feature, some disc swings come with a spring on top for a combined swinging and spring effect.

Swings for toddlers and babies can be attached to a standard size swing set, although they can be attached to a smaller plastic swing set, as well. Toddler swings at home and on the playground are usually bucket swings, and a parent will need to lift a child up into these swings. This design, with a bucket-shaped seat and holes for the child’s legs, keeps a child in the swing. Another option is a half bucket swing, in which the seat is shaped like half of a bucket and the front has a guard that a parent will need to attach to keep a child in the seat. A baby seat, in addition, has a similar design to a half-bucket seat, only its small enough for a baby and plastic.